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Arthritis stood no chance against Codeine

I turned seventy-one last August, and when you start with your eight decade of life, you are prepared for pretty much all the inconveniences the old age brings.I can’t say I was Arthritis stood no chance against Codeinecompletely prepared for Arthritis, though.At first, it seemed it followed the weather patterns – later it hurt all the time.

A strong, almost debilitating pain, preventing you from moving, thinking, almost existing. I used to desperately search for a position in which my body wouldn’t hurt and once I would found it I would stay like that, no matter how ridiculous I looked to anyone who saw me at those moments.Parallel with the first serious symptoms I started with painkillers. The first kind I tried helped me immediately, but became ineffective after only a couple of days.Arthritis stood no chance against Codeine

The second one was a little bit better, but still failed after some time. I changed two more and started losing faith in medicine before I came upon Codeine.Codeine destroyed the pain with the same force the pain had been destroying me. It brought me back the wish to live and hope that I will spend the rest of my life peacefully and fully dedicated to the only thing that matters to me now – my family.

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Codeine helped me resume my life

The worst thing about migraines is that they have a life of their own: they start when you least expect them, end whenever they want, and soon you realize that you have become their slave.My first serious headache started one day while I was at work. I am a [...] Continue Reading…

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My favorite Tooth-fairy – Codeine

The toothache came all of a sudden.

It was a beautiful, sunny, summer day, the first one after two weeks of clouds and rain. I was out in the backyard, trying out my new garden set with Ann, my next door neighbor. Chocolate chip cookies, home made by yours truly, [...] Continue Reading…

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Codeine slammed the pain

I am not a sports fan. I suppose this is partly because, as a kid, I never showed too much skill with a ball, so I stayed away from the basketball courts and football fields and tried to find a different sort of way to spend my leisure time.I [...] Continue Reading…

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Codeine has got my back

I can’t say why I love programming, but I do. When I was a kid, my friends were all enjoying playing Super Mario and who knows what else on their Commodore 64’s and Amiga’s while I drew the equal amount of pleasure from typing up my first Turbo Basic [...] Continue Reading…

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Codeine was my friend when I needed one

A couple of years ago I moved from Franklin, Wisconsin to Chicago. My daughter wanted to study there, and my wife had been missing the town she was born in for too long already, so we decided that we should all move there.The first few months are always the [...] Continue Reading…

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Codeine helped me recover from an appendectomy

People seem to think that bad things only happen to others. I know I thought so. No matter how you behave and what you do to your body you’ll be fine, it’s other people that get sick, not you, never you. Well, just as everyone does sooner or later [...] Continue Reading…

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How Codeine saved a season

Winter was always my favorite season of the year. As a kid I would always spend the whole winter playing outside, building snow forts, having snowball fights, making a snowman, and, my favorite, ice-skating. I enjoyed the freedom you felt while cutting through the cold air, it was as [...] Continue Reading…

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Fight fire with Codeine

It was a year ago that I went camping with my wife and my two boys. I just got promoted and we decided to celebrate that with a little vacation. We’ll spend the weekend in the mountains, sleep under the stars and all that. I wasn’t really an experienced [...] Continue Reading…

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Codeine helps me walk without pain

Since the day I learned to walk you couldn’t pin me down. I always had a lot of energy and I always loved spending it. If I wasn’t sleeping I was either running around or climbing a tree somewhere. My parents were almost worried about my inability to settle [...] Continue Reading…

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