Arka Service uses a type of IT Service Management Solution able to give the possibility to analyze in a very precise way the services performances and therefore to intervene in a targeted way to correct the weakest points so as to constantly guarantee a high quality standard for the system.

Arka Service promotes the use of ITIL® standards to all customers, the solutions proposed are developed in order to provide the best possible quality of the service rendered. Our Integrated Management System services rely on Analytics principles that accurately and punctually measure system performance and are able to provide operations benchmarks in such a way as to provide an accurate picture of possible improvement interventions. The monitored operations are as follows:

  • Tool set -CCPulse Service Desk real time agent performance, Hyperion Service Desk statistics, pro-active monitoring of service levels, service request Incident & Problem management workflow;
  • Data Analytics – allows identification of issues through statistical analysis of data behaviour. Subsequently by identifying the appropriate root causes;
  • Pareto Analysis-also known as the 80/20 rule. It allows to focus mainly on the most main and repetitive problems;
  • Workforce Management – a combination of volumes, service levels and time to calculate the number of resources needed to meet business objectives and ensure the achievement of quality objectives;
  • Hypothesis Testing – a statistical technique designed to evaluate differences in groups by perceived importance;
  • Correlation & Regression Modelling – most often used to help identify forecasts of any future results starting from the study of historical data;
  • Simulation-ability to enable trial environments to test possible solutions in order to safeguard the nature of future investments

From the beginning Arka Service has adopted ITIL® standards for the definition of processes and the development of tools to support its business. To date, within the Arka Service team there are more than 50 employees in possession of an ITIL® certification able to work in all areas of Information Technology Infrastructure Library:  Foundation, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

Arka Service strongly promotes the adoption by its customers of the ITIL® standards in order to achieve at best and in the shortest time possible the qualitative objectives of growth and the transformation of business processes. The tools provided by Arka Service with the help of the best business intelligence software, combined with ITIL ® best practice, allow you to work on the continuous improvement of the processes according to the concepts of “PDCA Plan – Do – Check – Act, or Plan – Make – Verify – Act to correct and improve the process “.

All this allows us to monitor the systems in a proactive way, to analyze the data in search of critical issues, to carry out Pareto Analysis, ie the identification of repetitive problems to which to put a definitive solution and to better manage the company personnel.

The ultimate goal of Arka Services is to guarantee to all customers a continuous improvement of their business experience through the analysis and constant monitoring of every single process activity.

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