Like many more, I spend over our limits time every day using my computer, website design, creating, optimizing, exchanging, corresponding, learning, surfing, take your pick. I just read a lot of the endless stream of articles on website design, development, Search engine optimization, maintenance, e-commerce, take your pick.

The number of things are you able to do in order to a web site to tweak it for max performance? Hundreds? Thousands? Endless? Yes, I believe endless.

This over abundance of knowledge may also be enlightening and refreshing but it’s too frequently a rehashing of the identical old ideas and methods, like yesterday’s soup heated up with a few new jargon and perhaps some FLASH. Like a side note, the number of occasions are you currently depressed by FLASH online? More to the point, the number of occasions have you ever created a website due to FLASH?

You could have the most amazing store on the planet however, if the shelves are empty, adios amigo, you’re history. Submissions are the best sign of any web site. For those who have great content, you may make lots of errors but still conduct a great business.

I began my first business in 1979 and that i was fortunate to possess a seasoned veteran as my mentor for quite some time. I still remember certainly one of his favorite sayings: “Jim, whenever you perform a large amount of business, that erases lots of mistakes.” I needed to learn and grow a great deal before I fully understood that comment.

Clearly we don’t want to make any mistakes. However a site that is packed with quality content can pull off a lot more mistakes than a single which isn’t wealthy in content.

So before you decide to tweak your site for optimum optimization, make sure that it’s packed with excellent content proportional towards the service or product that you simply provide.

Content rules!

Biography: In 1967 I began programming computers like a information technology student at New York Condition College in Raleigh. I labored all things in college on 3rd shift operating the pc system for that New York Legislature in Raleigh. In 1979 I began my very own lighting company which continues functioning today. Web page design and development has become a really integral a part of that business.

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