The society today is increasingly turning into surveillance-based place with most people going for surveillance systems for getting that unparalleled protection and hence peace of mind. The manufacturers are also working diligently to bring in new innovative products to the market with some amazing features that promise enhanced protection. Hikvision keeps updating its consumers of the various upcoming malware in the field and ways to tackle it.

If you are planning to jump on the “Technology is the panacea” bandwagon, then halt a second. You should be aware of few facts like where all you can put these cameras and where it is illegal to use.

Here are some general guidelines.

  • Installing a camera outside the buildings to record if anything happens on the premises is allowed. Care should be taken that the camera does not point to someone’s private space like a bedroom window. Till the time cameras are in public places, they are absolutely fine to be installed as no one has right to privacy in such places.

  • You are free to install a camera inside your own house, but in a residential building with many flats or a mall or a departmental store, there are certain spots that are out of bound. A store can install a camera to prevent shoplifting, but if it has a trial room or a changing room, it cannot put it inside it. Similarly, a landlord cannot put cameras in rented rooms as people expect to have privacy there. Thus, restrooms, hotel rooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms and other people’s homes are out of bound for installing any such camera.

  • If an employer wants to record employees at work, he/she must have a legitimate reason to do so or the camera should be in plain view.

Different countries have varied nuances in their laws and you should always consult an attorney prior to installing a security camera. As far as you are installing anything inside your home, it is fine but for any instalment that is outside, this consultation is necessary, especially if you are in a new place. This will ensure that you don’t get into any legal trouble.